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Prayer Group

      Starts Wednesday         September 7th at 7pm!

Prayer is our first response, not a last resort. Here at CLC we strive to be a people of prayer. Join us on Wednesday evenings at 7pm for a deep dive into conversations with God. 

Right now we are reading:

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Building Dicipling Culture_edited.jpg

Building a Discipling Culture is a study on helping people become disciples and not just passive followers of Jesus. 

Dallas Willard put it this way: Every church needs to be able to answer two questions. One, do we have a plan for making disciples? Two, does our plan work? For most of our church communities, we have a plan, but the plan isn't working. If you find yourself in this situation, this book is for you.

We have read:

Being a Safe Place.jpg

We live in a world full of broken people. And all too often, the Christian church is not a safe place for them to find emotional, relational, and spiritual wholeness. But it should be.

In Being a Safe Place for the Dangerous Kind, author Mike Bradley offers a book to help followers of Jesus live more effective lives of witness and develop healthy disciples and leaders. It is not a book that simply points out everything the body of Christ and its leaders are doing wrong. This is a book about a person’s “being”—who that person is as opposed to what he or she does.

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A New Life In The Spirit talks about the power, divinity and gift of the Spirit and explores how the Holy Spirit works in our lives today.

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