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ASAPH Teaching Ministry

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ASAPH Teaching Ministry is Andy Stump's independent Christian and music ministry serving the rural community o Pas-bwa-dom, Haiti.









          Andy (center) with The musicians at MICEVA church


Andy has served full time as a missionary in Haiti since 1992. For twenty years Andy was associated with Water for Life, a Mennonite ministry concentrating on providing the citizens of Haiti with clean and safe drinking water. Andy worked with the local church ad the Christian school that Water for Life sponsored in Pas-bwa-dom.

As a graduate of music education from Mansfield University, Andy worked with the church's Sunday school and music programs and taught music and English in the school. He also served in administrative capacities as required. 



In July 2012 Andy decided to become an independent missionary since Water for Life was moving on to another areas of Haiti with their fresh water ministry. He decided to create ASAPH Teaching Ministry and continued to work with the people of Pas-bwa-dom while expanding his Christian music ministry into the surrounding communities.

In the last five years the supporters of his ASAPH Teaching Ministry have built Andy a small home and the ASAPH Teaching Center. They have donated or bought over 25 brass instruments, 12 fifes, four keyboards, five guitars, a drum set and various marching percussion instruments that Andy uses in his teaching center.


Andy teaches music daily in the center to individuals and/or groups. The teaching center also hosts regular music rehearsals for Christian groups, DVD concerts, English clubs, and other educational activities. His music ministry now reaches into many of the communities' churches.

At the local church, Andy continues to teach another generation of Haitian children. He is the regular teacher for the 11=14 year olds on Sunday mornings, and he teaches the younger children during Children's church.

ASAPH Teaching Ministry continues to present Christ in a rural Haitian community one lesson at a time.

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