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Join us as we become more aware that our crucified and risen Savior navigated the difficult crossroads of this world for the sake of our salvation.


March 12th-Week 2 – Judgment: Matthew 27:11-26
Pontius Pilate is called upon by the crowds to make a judgment call about Jesus. We look to the cross of Christ to make definitive judgment calls in our lives.

March 19th-Week 3 – Compassion: Luke 22:47-51
When Jesus is taken into custody, he chooses to show compassion to a wounded participant in the arrest. WE are called to show compassion, not anger, even to our enemies.

March 26th-Week 4 – Declaration: Luke 22:54-62
When Peter is asked to declare whether or not he knows Jesus, he decides to deny his Savior. When questioned about our Lord, we are called to boldly declare our faith in Christ.

April 2nd-Week 5 – Obedience: Mathew 26:36-46
When Jesus nears the time when he must die for our sins, he asks his Father if the cup might pass from him. But when the time comes, he obeys his Father's will. When we are called upon to follow God's will, we must obey.

April 9th-Palm Sunday – Suffering: John 12:12-36
Jesus knows the suffering that awaits him there, yet he does not turn back. Through suffering we must carry on for him.

April 13th-Maundy Thursday at 7 PM – Forgiveness: Matthew 26: 26-29
Jesus grants forgiveness through the bread and wine. We receive that forgiveness and in turn forgive.

April 14th-Good Friday Tenebrae Service at 7 PM We recreate the betrayal, abandonment, and agony of the events, and it is left unfinished, because the story isn't over until Easter Day.

April 16th-Easter – John 20: 1-18
After the risen Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene, she responds by telling the disciples, "I have seen the Lord!" WE must share the news.





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